How Influencer Marketing Has Changed The Game2
How Influencer Marketing Has Changed The Game  
So, what is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing, simply put, is people with a high following on social media, endorsing products. Be it fashion, beauty, sports, cars, food, or anything you can think of. They give their review of this product, in an attempt to ‘influence’ you to buy it, or at least to follow the company’s page who they’re promoting. So essentially, the brand receives brand awareness, and in the long-term hopefully, sales. In Cyprus, influencer marketing is KEY!

How has influencer marketing taken over?

Influencer marketing has made it easy not only for well-established brands to benefit from it, but also for new startups who don’t have large budgets. By collaborating with micro-influencers (usually those with under 15k followers), small businesses can offer their product/service in exchange for a post/story. This essentially means no major budget is put into it. Teaming up with micro influencers can help small businesses build a database of customers and create a social media hype around the brand in a short time.

Brands have realized that the end consumer becomes more receptive to messages delivered by a personality that they respect, trust and relate to, rather than seeing the ad come directly from the brand. which often seems like spam or seems intrusive to the consumer.

So, if your marketing strategy for 2021 doesn’t include influencer marketing, make sure to re-think that! Especially if you are a small or SME business!

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Food bloggers in Cyprus
Influencer Marketing – Food Bloggers in Cyprus

The food scene in Cyprus is huge – from local cuisine to international, we’ve got it all. Since the rise of influencers (and micro-influencers) in Cyprus, food influencers seem to be amongst the most popular and seem to be rising on a daily.  

Food bloggers in particular, appeal to a diverse consumer base. Whether you are a mother looking for a new recipe, a young adult looking for the next up-and-coming place to visit, or a tourist visiting a new destination, your search is never-ending, and food bloggers have got you covered.

In fact, influencer marketing has become KEY in Cyprus for restaurants & bars, especially in COVID-19 times, with many being in high demand of their services, and we simply cannot ignore their influence within the marketing game. Essentially, the brand receives brand awareness, and in the long-term, hopefully, sales! 

So, we have put together a list of our favourite food bloggers in Cyprus, who we believe have the ability to create awareness for YOUR brand, should you be in the food & beverage industry.  

1. Cyprus Foodies 

2. Cyprus Eats 

3. Foodlogger.Cy 

4. YummySpies  

5. Worldfood_360 

6. Cyfoodgram  

7. Cypriot and Proud

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Tax Benefits In Cyprus
Top 5 Advantages Other Than E-commerce Tax-Benefits In Cyprus

The island of Cyprus is presently a gold mine for investors. While it’s true that Cyprus is quite beautiful to enjoy a long vacation, this is also the best time to invest and start an e-commerce business. The nation was severely hit by a banking crisis in 2013 and has now emerged as a tax haven for entrepreneurs. So, if you are an entrepreneur planning to start a business, you may already know the eCommerce tax benefits in Cyprus.
After all, Cyprus offers one of the lowest tax rates!

You also don’t have to bother about the double tax as it has already signed treaties with over 40 countries worldwide. You have to get a citizenship or permanent residency (PR) permit and then make Cyprus the base of your e-commerce business. So there’s no need to worry about getting a local Cypriot partner, because this is not a requirement here.

Top 5 Benefits of Starting an eCommerce Business in Cyprus

  1. Strategic Geo Location:

    Cyprus is between Africa, Middle-East (Asia), and Europe. Thus, it emerges as an ideal location to promote your e-commerce business and expand it swiftly into new markets to serve a vast customer base. Do not forget that more than 85% of European people are well-versed with the internet, and about 60% of these people prefer to shop online.

  2. Highly Developed Country:

    The country has excellent infrastructure in terms of transport, internet connectivity, and healthcare facilities. Remember, the nation also boasts of two international airports- Larnaca International Airport and Paphos International Airport. It also has multiple ports for easy transport of cargo and passengers.

  3. Highly Educated People:

    There is no shortage of local skilled workforce in Cyprus. More than 40 % of the local population aged between 25 to 64 years has completed post-secondary education, which is higher than the European average!

  4. No Barrier of Language:

    Although Cyprus has Greek as its official languages, there is no language barrier. You don’t have to communicate with your employees, customers, or stakeholders in Greek. The country was a British colony for more than 80 years, thus meaning a significant number of Cypriots can read, write and speak English almost fluently.

  5. Safe for Entrepreneurs:

    In Cyprus, you can remain assured about the safety of your intellectual property (IP) in a cutthroat competitive landscape of e-commerce. Moreover, the process of registering a trademark is easy and fast. Being a member of the European Union (EU), your IP remains protected under the strictest laws while adhering to the standards of WIPO and EUIPO.

How can Online Solutions Help You?

Cyprus also has a remarkably stable government that is pro-business and takes concrete steps to attract investors. So, if you have a brilliant product or a bunch of services that you want to sell over the web, make the most of the advantages offered by Cyprus.

Here, Online Solutions comes into the picture. We offer eCommerce web development services and facilitate customers to build their digital brand, communicate effectively with their consumers, and generate quality leads to high-performing and feature-rich websites.

Today, Cyprus is an attractive investment destination for not only locals but also people of other nationalities. So, grab this opportunity of eCommerce tax benefits Cyprus today.

Call our experts to find out how we can help you to develop your brand and online presence.  

Shopify Store
Why A Shopify Store Is The Best Store For E-commerce In Cyprus

With over 500K active stores in more than 170 countries across the world, Shopify is now a leading e-commerce platform. It is helping countless people in starting online stores within no time. Opening a Shopify store is extremely easy in comparison to other e-commerce platforms. So, if you have a brick and mortar store in Cyprus with some products that you want to sell to a large customer base, open a free Shopify store now! However, you must know the reasons due to which a Shopify store is the best store for e-commerce in Cyprus.

So, let’s have a look below.

Enables Product Selling on Several Channels

Here, you can utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest as a sales channel to boost your overall sales. It also enables you to sell your products on Amazon or through a custom mobile app. Moreover, you can unify your products with the help of Shopify’s built-in POS system. Therefore, with Shopify, you can sell your products anytime and anywhere!

Offers Multiple Payment Gateways

When you open an e-commerce store, your store must support trusted payment methods, or else you have to exclude a large proportion of your target customers. The same does not happen when you choose Shopify in Cyprus, as the platform supports multiple payment gateways to offer a smooth shopping experience to your customers.

Fast Loading Speed and Excellent Performance 

Nobody loves to wait for more than a few seconds during online shopping. So, if your online

store loads slowly, most of the store visitors may never return. You may lose a big chunk of your potential sales. So, loading speed matters a lot, and the Shopify store guarantees excellent performance. Your customers will never have to wait, even at checkouts.

Facilitates Selling of Digital Products

While many e-commerce platforms only enable the merchants to sell their physical tangible products, Shopify allows you to sell your digital products such as digital arts, e-books, music, etc. It enables you to classify your products into different categories so that if you have digital products, their delivery can be through email or online storage.

Easy Integration with Shopify POS

If you are not eager to abandon your brick-and-mortar store completely after starting an online store, you can do this easily by integrating it with the Point-of-Sale system of Shopify. With Shopify POS, you can have shared data between your online store and your physical store to manage your inventory, sales, and everything else in a hassle-free manner.

However, if you are worried about the process that goes to open a free Shopify store in Cyprus, don’t worry! Online Solutions offer Shopify e-commerce solutions, everything starting from designing and converting your online store into local languages to SEO optimization at a reasonable cost. Remember, selling online was never this easier and faster. However, many merchants fail to get the expected return.

Our professionals build secure, reliable, and flawless eCommerce websites to get your maximum ROI.

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Defining Product Design and Its Significance

What makes you pick a brand of jeans and instantly identify its brand? Likewise, you might recognize a handbag from a specific brand just by its design, even if you have not yet seen its logo. Many things influence the designing of each product and the research and development teams spend countless hours picking the best designs. If you need to get the professional consulting for product design Cyprus based, then Online Solutions can help you. Our designing team is making rapid advancements in this regard.

What Makes Product Design So Vital

Every entrepreneur wants his product design to be outstanding. However, what goes behind the product design being unique? How does the design become so exclusive to that brand? Many factors guide in the product designs being specific to that brand’s, and they are:

  • Driven by User’s Convenience: Your product should be easy to open, look, and even use. If it is a smart television or a smartphone, it has to look great. That said, also, when packaging it, you must ensure it does not look drab or challenging to use. If the box in which it comes is difficult to carry around, you are not gaining anything.
  • Cost Efficiency for the Manufacturer: A talented designer from Marketing Works for product design Cyprus will take care of the product’s overall cost. The design of the item should be elevating its fame and user-friendliness. However, it should not be increasing the price overall. The designers will need to ensure the same.
  • Unique Design: Every entrepreneur wants his phone or his tee shirt to be unique. On consulting with the designers, he may come up with newer ways to make it so unique. As an entrepreneur, you will need to consult with industry specialists to get a touch of uniqueness to your product. However, in cases when you cannot go unique, packaging and marketing will have to take over.
Why Should You Focus on the design of Your Product?

It is a matter of now or never, and you cannot afford to delay in making your product special. The users should be finding the product stylish where you can afford to, and yet be happy to yours over others. These are the times when delaying in going for Online Solutions for product design Cyprus based will save you. A slight change in the product’s form or shape, color or size might influence your business figures drastically too.

Top Proven Ways of Digital Design That Will Boost Your Business 1
Top Proven Ways of Digital Design That Will Boost Your Business

Look around and you will find attractive billboards, posters, and banners dotting the cities. Some of these may be abstract, some direct and some just eye-catchy. If you are looking for a top firm offering digital design Cyprus based, you may look at Online Solutions. We are a new-age digital marketing and designing firm. We have a talent pool of designers and visualizers working for the boosting of the clients’ business.

How will these attractive posters work for your business? Let us see here.

  1. Create the Perfect Brand Identity:

    If you are starting a new brand or possibly planning to expand your existing company, you need to work on graphics. Hiring a proper graphic design firm for creating the brand image is vital. It will make your company get recognition and help in improving the recall value of the business.

  2. Improve Employee’s Pride:

    If you want to improve the employees to feel proud of being in the firm, you need to establish a brand image. Graphically designed interiors and corporate merchandise all add to the rise in this feeling.

  3. Better Visual Impact:

    Are your posters generating interest? Are your billboards fetching your ROI? If not, then hiring the best firm for digital design Cyprus based will be essential. We create stunning and visually striking ads for all media. From print media to digital space, your brand will be catchy.

  4. Time-Saving:

    In these times, you must make a better impact in the hearts of your clients at the earliest. Since you get tough competition everywhere, you would need to produce superior quality designs. A proficient digital designer will be aware of the best sizes and resolutions along with the format for all the graphics work. He or she will also be knowledgeable of the designs that work and create a sensation. In short, the turnaround will be at the earliest to make your brand at the pace with the rest of the competition.

  5. Affordable:

    Ideally, a proficient graphics designer knows how to make the best and the most appropriate graphics in bast possible packages. They will also ensure the formats and the designs to be creating that same appeal and give you that return you need.

Only go for professional firms like Online Solutions, the best digital design Cyprus based, for getting graphic designs to suit all campaigns. Our designs are ideal for digital marketing and traditional marketing services equally.