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Your eCommerce Business Plus a Cyprus Company = Win-Win

Cyprus is now a gold mine with a Midas touch. This is probably, the best time to be in Cyprus, not just to vacay, but to invest and settle down as well. Talking of investment and settling down, yes, Cyprus allows entrepreneurs to start their business and settle down here. The e-commerce business in Cyprus is definitely worth investing and there are several reasons for you too. Let us check out how this e-commerce business can be worthwhile to you and for Cyprus.

• Start with Less and Get Great ROI
One of the key reasons for the people to start an e-commerce business is, it does not require a big investment in the office property. Secondly, you will need to have the staff and third party vendors in hand to handle the delivery seamlessly.

• Make Use of the Internet-driven Population
With a great majority of the population using the Internet from their mobile phones, e-commerce thrives. You will be able to reach out to thousands and millions of buyers for your business with ease. Cyprus has one of the highest Internet using population in the world. Additionally, if you can do this in association with Cyprus-based firm, the result will surely be a win-win for all.

• Cyprus with Friendly Laws
Cyprus definitely has plans for tax saving for the entrepreneurs based in the country. Non-nationals can also come to Cyprus with their E-commerce plans and do it from here. Entrepreneurs will need to register with Cyprus VAT authorities. In order to avail tax benefits, the e-commerce business in Cyprus must be based in Cyprus. The entrepreneur must have a citizenship or PR permit. With this, he can proceed to set up the business. Cypriot government seeks for 10% of the taxes for the business.

• Government Support
Last decade saw a low in the Cypriot economy. During this time, the average Cypriot chose to start e-commerce and dropship businesses. There has been no looking back since the revenue these online businesses have generated is vast. It is for this same reason the Office of the Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Postal Regulations has been promoting the business vehemently.
Besides regular shopping sites, there are e-commerce sites based in Cypriot offering banking and financial products and more to EU country members. The potential e-commerce sites have today surely seeing a growth.

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Get Better Income Taxes Working From Cyprus For Your eShop

Get Better Income Taxes Working From Cyprus For Your eShop

When you become a tax-paying citizen of Cyprus, you will need to pay taxes to the Cyprus government. To become a Cypriot resident, you need to have spent more than 183 days a year in the country. There is also an option of the 60-day rule to become a citizen. Whether you draw income from within Cyprus or from jobs in other countries, you need to pay taxes here. However, there are specific rules on what to pay and how to pay if you are running your E-Commerce business. Cyprus as such has one of the lowest tax rates in the entire EU. Cyprus-based businesses have to pay taxes on their worldwide income at a rate of 12.5%.
Let us check out the tax details for you to know and pay in time.

• Taxes as a Resident and as a Non-resident

If you are a resident of Cyprus, you need to pay taxes on any income from any of the sources mentioned here. You will have to pay taxes on rents, profits, dividends, and income. As a non-resident too, you need to pay taxes on rents, pensions, income from any companies in Cyprus or even profits from businesses in Cyprus. In short, you are required paying taxes only on income earned in the island country of Cyprus.

• More about Other Specific Tax Slabs

If you are disposing an immovable property, and earn capital gains, you have to pay a tax of 20%. The typical VAT rate in Cyprus is 19%.

• Save on Taxes

You will be able to save your income tax in Cyprus if you are drawing a lump sum payment on the retirement or commutation of pension or even the gratuity. If you are taking a scholarship for higher studies, you will not have tax exemptions of 100%. Likewise, even as you incur capital sums from life insurance policies, PF, and approved medical schemes, you get 100% exemption.
Many people invest in running their e-commerce business from Cyprus. Its coastal location fuels up its excellent logistics. It is also a budding real estate market for those willing to become a citizen here and start a business right away. Make use of the tax laws and get the best while living in Cyprus. Whether for tax saving on their income from their eshop or simply for getting a better quality of life, one can always benefit while in Cyprus.

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Invest 2 Million And Get A Passport In Cyprus To Reduce Your Business Taxes

If you are an investor and like keeping a note of each country’s growth and development, you will know of the booming economy of Cyprus. The Republic of Cyprus is now a big draw among the investors, entrepreneurs, and real estate developers alike. If you are eager to become a citizen and look for the ways on how to get a passport in Cyprus, here are the steps to follow.

• Check out the Golden Visa Plans
You can get a permanent residency permit. To gain citizenship however in Cyprus, you will have the option of investing 2 million in the real estate. The country will be offering citizenship in just as many as 6 months after making this investment.

• Perks of This Investment
On making this investment, you get a citizenship of an EU country and permit to work and travel or study anywhere in the EU countries, including the UK, France, and Germany.

• Save Taxes on Investment
Entrepreneurs often wonder about how to save business taxes in Cyprus after investing in real estate. Citizenship is very beneficial to your plans. It does have its additional tax saving donation plan to help you further. Additionally, you get PR permit too of living in Cyprus. As per the non-domicile entrepreneurs, you have zero taxation options of worldwide dividends and interest based income. This is for a total of 17 years.

What Makes The Citizenship and PR Status So Essential in Cyprus?

As a growing country, it makes a lot of sense to invest in the real estate property in Cyprus. Get that beach facing villa in a booming coastal area of Cyprus. The property rates are competitive now, and to get yourself property and even settle down, you will need to follow a few strict rules.
Investing in real estate now is better since the rates for the property will go high soon by the rate of growth. You now do not have to worry about how to get a passport in Cyprus now thanks to these unique investment plans.

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10 Tips for Your Business

There are steps to follow to put any website on the path to get a good ranking in the search results. The more efficient and easiest way to get featured is to hire an SEO expert in Limassol Cyprus. However below you can find a set of actions to rank your Business.

  1. Create a Website: It is necessary for a business to create a professional website. Google will certainly take a note of this aspect and see how well your site is helpful to the visitors. So take time to explore the trends and get the services of top companies for Web design in Limassol Cyprus.
  • Stay in Touch with Competitor Brands: Observe the styles your competitors are using and take the best points to use the same on your site. Try to do some research before approaching the site layout.
  • Create a Blog Section: A blog section can feature trending topics and simply have your inputs on the site. Use all the tools to check your grammar and spellings right before posting.
  • The Importance of Being Earnest: Talk about your business on your blog.
  • Say No to Stuffing of Keywords: There is no point in using keywords just to feature your blog higher. Use long-tailed keywords but without losing the essence of the blog.
  • Link Websites the right way: Normally, people spend a majority of time on the Internet reading random articles and blogs. If you can create interesting blogs and generate curiosity, they will visit your site and spend a long time on it. The longer they stay on your site, the better for your site.
  • Increase the Page Loading Speed: Ideally, your website should not take more than 2 seconds to load. It deters the visitors if the loading speed is less.
  • Have a Good Word? Share it: Once your website and all the social media accounts are ready, do not miss on sharing your user’s reviews. These reviews will establish a word of mouth online and help your business.
  • Collaborate and Pick from Others: Be observant and see how collaborating sites work. If you see how these partner sites function, it will help you too.
  1. Campaigns and PPC Advertising: With great strategies, paid campaigns and Pay per Click advertising can increase the visibility of a site.

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Why Choose us for your SEO?

Every entrepreneur would need professional SEO companies to make great presence of their business in the digital world. However, you may wonder, “Will it work?” What will they do?” “How will I know if they are able to give a proper result?” Do not worry now as companies like Online Solutions Cy Ltd. offers the most effective and efficient services of SEO in Limassol, Cyprus. Whether it is a single blog or an e-commerce site, you can avail a host of services like SEO, Web Design and Development, Social Media Marketing, Online Advertising, etc. to optimize your website.

Online Solutions Cy Ltd. takes care of the following SEO activities to position the client’s business high in the competition.

  • Close introspection of the site: Starting from checking the site design, to the coding and then using strategies to make a difference in the site’s ranking in the search engine results – SEO Online Solutions Cy Ltd in Limassol, Cyprus offers it all. The company closely inspects the site and prepares a list of keywords to make it more visible on the searches.
  • Use of Webmaster Tools: The next step of SEO for Our Company is the use of Google Webmaster tools to find and analyze the real problems bothering the site. In case, there are any small errors or glitches that could have a great impact, the SEO experts of Online Solutions CY Ltd will note them and make the changes.
  • Auditing of a site: In parallel to the above research and analysis, the SEO team performs site audit of the factors like URL structure, loading speed of a web page, title tags and Meta description tags, internal linking, and content.
  • Learning from the competitor brands: Branding is the next step to help in heightening the image of any firm online and offline. With great observation of the competitor’s brands, the company uses advanced digital marketing tools and necessary steps to create a better image online. Doing guest blogging or participating actively in several forums, going interactive or live on social media – Online Solutions Cy Ltd. can do it all.
  • Content for better outreach: With eloquent and engaging content, one can reach out better and to more avenues. So, the professionals of SEO Online Solutions Cy Ltd Based in Limassol Cyprus give sufficient time to create content for all the sites and conduct cross-platform sharing.
  • Constant analysis for improvement: There is always a room for improvement and the SEO experts keep an eye on the real-time data of analytics to shoot out any troubles. They also do touch-ups and updates now and then to bring in more traffic and increase revenue for the client’s business.

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Top 10 Ways To Advertise Your Business


Advertising is an art as much as it is a skill. It is a multi-dimensional task, which needs to be looked from all the angles. If you are a business owner in Limassol, Cyprus then you are aware of the fact, having a business is one thing and getting it promoted on the right platform is a completely different thing. They are both of the utmost importance. There are many ways to advertise a business but knowing the right one can make a difference.

This blog will show you different ways to advertise your business in Limassol, Cyprus. Follow these methods yourself or hire professional online advertising Limassol Cyprus-based company like Online Solutions Cy Ltd to give your business an essential marketing boost in the digital world.

  1. Online Marketing

Digital is a way to go. Online advertising in Limassol, Cyprus is a lucrative area with several options available. Take an advantage of the Internet and manage a digital advertising campaign from the comfort of your home.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media is inescapable. It gives you a huge platform to display the features of your business. Social media marketing is both easy and effective. 

  • SEO Marketing

Now, if you want to take your online campaign to another level, it is the time to start optimizing your content using SEO.

  • Create a Blog

Blogging is another great way to bring your business into the spotlight. A blog can be about your business or a general, informative space where you can interact with your customer base freely, which can indirectly generate a lead for your business.

  • YouTube Channel for your Business

Many people prefer watching YouTube videos than reading a blog article. So, make sure you have a presence in this platform as well. This can be possible by presenting short business script, presentations on varied topics and much more.

  • Free Giveaways

Who does not like free stuff? This is one of those instant boosts to get positive feedback from your users.

  • Email Outreach

People still value email, and they spend a lot of time with them. Create a legitimate mailing list and provide value to the readers with periodical emails about your product, service, offers, events, etc.

  • Be a Brand Ambassador of your Business

No matter where you go, remember you are representing your business. Talk about your business and share thoughts. Hand out cards or fliers outlining about your product or service domain.

  • Host a Community Event

Hosting a community event will not only let you meet new people from Limassol, Cyprus but also add value to your business by giving it more legitimacy and a personal feeling.

  1. Spruce up your Website

Use web development Limassol, Cyprus service and spruce up your website. Ensure it is both elegant and efficient in providing the information your users need to see.

With these tips, Online Solutions Cy Ltd ensures to boost up your business to a great level with excellent visibility in the search engine results. In addition to online advertising, you can contact us for other services like SEO, social media marketing, web design Limassol Cyprus.