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Create Your Logo And Register Your Trademark From Cyprus

Whenever you think about a brand, the first thing that comes to your mind is its logo. A logo, in turn, is a trademark of a business that helps in customer retention. So, it is quite significant for every business irrespective of its size. Since a logo is a valuable intellectual property asset, you must register it so that nobody else can use it to sell their goods or services. The registration also prevents any possibility of future conflicts with any other business. Before you register your trademark in Cyprus, make sure your logo represents your business value and ethics.  

At Online Solutions, we create engaging and purposeful graphics that captivates your audience.  Our brand designers thoughtfully create graceful design that distils the spirit of your business. A logo is the identity of any business, and we have been designing logos for brands across Cyprus for a long time.

Our small island also allows foreign citizens and business owners to apply for trademark registration. Getting it done in Cyprus means extended protection as the country is a proud member of several conventions, including the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). Its new trademark law published in June 2020 has simplified the registration process.

Steps to Register Your Trademark in Cyprus

  1. Conduct a thorough search at the registry of trademarks to find out whether any similar logo is already registered or not. This process may take a few weeks, and the search report is delivered by email. However, this step is not mandatory in Cyprus.
  2. Hire a duly licensed practicing lawyer in Cyprus and proceed with the process of filing the process of registration of your trademark along with paying the due fee.
  3. Once the Registrar received your application and the respective fees, he or she will thoroughly examine whether or not the logo adheres to Cyprus’s trademark law at the Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver.
  4. If your logo met all the requirements, it will get a Next, a certificate of trademark registration is issued. It may happen that the Registrar will request you to furnish some additional information or provide some explanations before registering your logo as a trademark. Else, your logo will get published in the official gazette.

Once your trademark is registered, do not forget to renew it after seven years. After the first renewal, you must renew it  every fourteen years. Remember that the Registrar may refuse to register your logo as a trademark if it does not have proof that one can represent graphically. Sometimes, when it lacks a distinctive character or seems in conflict with the common moral principles, the trademark registration is refused. There may be many more grounds for refusal of registration.

Hence, choose your brand designer carefully. At Online Solutions, we understand every business is different. Therefore we create unique and clear graphics so that you can register your register your trademark in Cyprus without any hassle. Get in touch today for an incredible logo design.

How can Graphic Designers Help in Publication Work 1
How Can Graphic Designers Help In Publication Work?

Many people assume that graphic designers only make posters or banners for the promotion of a business. However, the fact is, graphic designers do a lot more than that. They create magical and visually compelling publication designs too. They are vital for e-publication makers as well as print media publishing. Whether you are a budding author or an e-magazine editor, you can now have stunning covers, book covers, and layout. This is why you will benefit from the publication Cyprus based firm, Online Solutions Their in-house team of designers has the tools and know-how to create the best designs for you.

What will the Designers Offer?

Ideally, modern design will be adapted in the software tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw, CAD, and more. This will help him or her to design better. The designer will, at first, understand the author or the editor’s requirements. Based on it, they will offer a portfolio of designs. If they find the designs to their liking, they will proceed. From offering artwork layout to the cover page and center page spread, the designers look into all aspects. These are crucial to the success of the publication Cyprus based.

Why is it Necessary today for the Publishing Houses?

Modern e-mags are aplenty, and this is why it is necessary to stand out of the league. The only way to be outstanding is by coming up with designs that not just look special but are witty at the same time. The readers might find the glossy pages beautiful, but a bad artwork can ruin it and not even allow the readers to touch the book again.

The designing firms have strategists, content specialists, artists, and even designers working for creating unmatched designs. Whether it is a leading magazine design or a cover for an e-book, these firms are adept at creating any of them in a very short time. Companies like Online Solutions have all the necessary understanding and proficiency in designing with great efficiency.

Not just publishing houses, but also firms producing yearly reports or white papers, or fact sheets and research studies, rely on these publication Cyprus based firms. The requirement is high, and it makes sense to use the best quality paper, perfect layout, and ink to produce the finest prints. After all, designs conveying the message should not be cheap and most definitely leave a lasting impression in the minds of the readers.

Graphic Design Trends
Get Ready For The Crucial Graphic Design Trends For 2021

As the year 2020 ends and the 2021 dawns in a few days, we are all set to witness a revolution in the designing world too. 2019 so far is about bold strokes and avant-garde in style. The upcoming year will witness more changes but in a subtle manner.

If you are planning to go for your designing needs to a firm in graphic design Cyprus based, like Online Solutions, you will notice these changes. What are they? Let us enumerate more here:

  1. Au Naturel! This year has so far been all yellows and blues everywhere, from logos to websites. However, 2020 will be all about softer pastels and muted colors. These palettes will be a soothing breather from those vibrant yellows, greens, and reds we have seen so far.
  2. Be Original: You always want fast results and hence resort to Stock images from the Internet. The modern designers are ready to make waves with original designs. These designs can be abstract, and they have an aura of being intellectual at the same time. You can rely on this trend to be every creative designer’s dream come true moment.
  3. Bold Fonts Make a Comeback of Sorts: Yes, we have seen this phase a couple of years back. It is making a comeback and how! The designers are now laying the impact of using them on a solid or textured background for maximum effect.
  4. Use of Flow Lines and Shapes: This is a trend every designer offering graphic design Cyprus based on will be embracing this 2020. You can expect lines to give fluidity and add that imaginative streak to the thoughts. There will be no limit to the extent the designers will go using these in backgrounds on muted color palettes.
  5. 3D Realism Remains Firm: You can rest assured that your now-favorite 3D images and designs remain. They have received love and appreciation in 2019, and yet, the trend will continue in 2020.
  6. Bling with Metallic Shades: From packaging materials to invites, gilt finish on anything will be more prominent in 2020. You will notice a metallic sheen like anything on the designs.

Whether you are seeking a revamp for your products or websites, wait until 2020. The year promises a plethora of positive trends you can get from the reputed firm Online Solutions, offering graphic design, Cyprus based just for you!

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5 Points That Make A Successful Social Media Strategy

What makes a good social media strategy and how to put it together? We’ve got a couple of tips for you, based on our experience at Online Solutions:   

1)        RESEARCH 

The most fundamental element of a successful social media strategy is RESEARCH. Without researching what your client does, their industry, and world topics, your strategy will be bland and you’ll have a hard time handling it. 

2)        ENGAGE 

A good social media strategy should always include dedicated posts and time for interacting, asking questions and connecting with the audience you’re trying to reach.  

We’re at a point where engaging with your audience should be e a KEY element in growing your network. 

How to engage? 

              Questions/polls on stories 

              Liking other pages’ content 

              Following other pages 

              Tagging other pages 



Defining clear goals before you begin building your social media strategy will help you keep track of progress, and identify points at which you may need to ramp up efforts. 

4)        STAY RELEVANT 

Post about relevant world subjects. Make sure that this suits the brand first. Sometimes when you are planning months before you may forget about doing a post about how great the weather is that day, or how you plan to tackle the new covid-19 restrictions in your country. Make sure that even though you do have a social media strategy in place, you keep space for these random posts/stories that you will need. 


Every social media strategy should include the measurement and analysis of your progress. The most important data to look at is reach and engagement.   

At the end of the day, you cannot begin your social media journey without having a strategy in place. And remember that that strategy will change along the way, and that’s OKAY. It should change! 

If you are looking for experts in putting together a social media strategy, get in touch with Online Solutions. 

Significant PPC Trends To Acknowledge In Year 2021 1
Significant PPC Trends To Acknowledge In The Year 2021

Every business wants to stay on the top and advertising and marketing campaigns make the path smooth. PPC is one such ad campaign that helps you to reach out to your audience quickly. But, the previous campaigns were all about paid advertisements. With changing trends, the PPC campaign has also seen a drastic change. It includes cutting-edge technology and advanced PPC campaigns. You can also take pay per click services Cyprus from a renowned company like Online Solutions. Now, let us see the emerging PPC trends for the year 2021.

Using Social Media Platforms

The Social Media Ads campaign plays a significant role in advertising. You can find many Facebook and Google Ads being used for paid advertising. They are still the first preference of the companies since there are billions of users whose first preference to look out for products is Google or Facebook. But, in 2021, you must expand your horizon and switch on to LinkedIn, Instagram. Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

Opt for Video Ads

Video content is ruling the advertisement scene as they are great for making viewers understand your brand, contains aesthetic appeal, and is affordable too. It works great with the PPC campaign as many YouTube and Google vertical video ads include Bumper Ads. This gives a boost to the brand as they are short length ads that provide full insight into the company’s products and services. You can also opt for PPC Cyprus service to create bumper ads.


With PPC automation, the companies can now create excellent ad copies and automate their ads. By investing in this area, you can develop algorithms that work best for you and track customer conversions too. Moreover, by giving the work to the machines, you can also focus on your business. The organizations can outsource the PPC Cyprus automation work to the reputed service providers too.

Use Of Artificial Intelligence

The use of AI will help the companies to create efficient and effective ad campaigns. This will help in predicting the future of the CTR ads, analysis of the bids that will attract maximum traffic, optimize the keywords, track the impact of ads, etc. For using AI in your PPC campaign, you can opt for pay per click services Cyprus from professional PPC specialists. They will support you in designing impactful Google and Facebook Ads and much more.

To sum up, these are a few PPC trends that are going to rule in the year 2021. You can opt for the best pay per click services Cyprus from reputed Limassol, Cyprus company Online Solutions. Our specialized PPC experts will provide the right branding solutions.

4 Vital Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Scale Businesses 1
4 Vital Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Scale Businesses

The social media helps businesses to create awareness about their brand’s presence in the market. Many small businesses are unaware of the advanced social media tools or cannot spare a momentary amount of budget to hire an expensive Social Media Strategists. Moreover, small businesses are not aware of the competitors and have low interaction with their target audience too. To cater to this situation, it is necessary to have a proper social media marketing strategy. The small businesses based in Cyprus can take social media marketing Cyprus service form experienced professionals at Online Solutions.

Pick the Right Social Media Channel

As there are versatile social media platforms, so you need to realize which channel will work best for you. You can even take out a brief survey for your audience to know about the frequency of usage of varied social media channels. This will help you to post the ads, blogs, details about new products, offers, etc. on the right platform. The small businesses can use the advanced Social Media Tracker to know about customer engagement metrics.

Create Unique Content

Another strategy is to create unique content that is specific to your business and how does it provide the right solution for your customers? Moreover, this will also attract your users as  crisp and clear content with updated information is liked by the customers. Even you can add high-quality images and videos to make your content more interesting and readable.

Communicate with Your Customers

Communication is the key to any relationship, so it goes well with establishing business too. It is necessary to communicate with your customers, get their feedback, and improve your products accordingly. This will help small businesses to stay ahead in the competitive world. By listening to the user’s comments and feedback, you can improve a great deal in your business. Moreover, to manage your social media platforms you can opt for affordable social media marketing Cyprus service from the reputed service provider.

Create a Well-Knit Posting Schedule

If you are managing many social media platforms at once, then you can automate the process by using advanced social media tools. These tools help in posting the contents at once on all your social media pages. Even you can post about the offers and special promotions too quickly. If you have a well-knit posting schedule then it will support in uplifting your brand identity.

A proven social media strategy will uplift your brand and help your small business to excel. You can even take affordable and quality social media marketing Cyprus service from Online Solutions.