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Important Affiliate Marketing Techniques To Enhance Your Business

Important Affiliate Marketing Techniques To Enhance Your Business

Affiliate Marketing Cyprus plays an indispensible role in improving your traditional and online business. Most of the people do online shopping so, it is mandatory to understand their needs and requirements. If you like to expand your business growth then it is essential to implement effective affiliate marketing techniques. Let us have a glance on the latest trends for the year 2020.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

To scale up your growth progress and promote affiliate programs, it is essential to make use of paid advertising means. It develops your mailing list as well as promotes YouTube videos, webinars, or directs your search results to the vendor site. Overall, PPC is the best way to leverage your search engines and drive high-targeted web traffic to a specific landing page. For PPC advertising, there is no need to pay money for placing an advertisement in the search results rather you have to pay for individual clicks.

  • Start writing reviews for your affiliate blog

A great place to begin your adventure on affiliate marketing is through review-based affiliate blog. Being a marketer, you might have used several tools daily. However, those tools are not only work related or for marketing; rather, it is associated with personal products that you use daily. Thus, develop a site and start writing on your favorite products, and then reveal your opinion to public in the way of an affiliate review.

  • Use webinars to promote products

Another famous affiliate marketing method is webinars. It is becoming quite famous because it is awesome. Webinars help to reach your audience group on a distinct level, which cannot be matched by PPC, email marketing, or content sites.

  • Leveraging email marketing

Sometimes, you might have heard about a thing that email is considered the most significant online marketing channel in the present days. It is simple to leverage email marketing at your affiliate marketing strategy. If you have a site, you can include some calls to action to quickly accomplish it.

  • Use coupons

Coupons are considered a major player in the niche of affiliate marketing for several years. However, online coupon business is considered profitable. An affiliate marketer must depend on the coupon to let your client get discount offer and wonderful deals on a specific service or a product.

These techniques will help you to expand your business to new horizon in upcoming year. Online Solutions Cy Ltd is pioneer is developing Affiliate Marketing Cyprus using latest tools and methodologies. We are committed to provide cost effective and customized solutions as per the customer needs and requirements.

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4 E-Shops Design Trends To Follow In 2020

4 E-Shops Design Trends To Follow In 2020

E-shops or E-store are business to consumer stores that sells online products as it is sold in the offline stores. The only difference is that here the customers can purchase the products from online stores with great convenience. The individuals who are planning to start their E-shops can get the quality and reasonably priced E-shops design Cyprus services from Marketing Works. Our professionals will design the e-shop on Amazon and eBay styles as per your business requirement. Here are a few trends to follow for e-shops in 2020.

Real-Time Inventory

The modern E-shops have real-time inventory management feature that will help the business owners to manage their stock. They can check with their warehouses regarding the stock that is low and can refill it anytime. Moreover, if the inventory has not moved and been delivered than also, the owners will get a clear insight.

Mobile Shopping

It is necessary to make your E-shops mobile compatible so that the users can check out the catalogs and shop for the products with ease. Even mobile compatibility will help them to order the products and pay online. It is necessary to keep your e-shop security updated as third party payment sources are integrated. As there is an increase in mobile payments, so it is essential to integrate it securely.


People who are unable to find any product or want to know about product shipping can find their answers through the Chatbots. It will also support the customers in a big way as they can get answers to simple queries instantly. Even you can be redirected to customer support centers if the query is specific, and you cannot find answers.

Order Tracking Management

Another great design that the E-shop store owners can include in their online shops is the order tracking and management system. It provides excellent support if users are ordering through their login id. The dashboard of customers will store full information, and they can easily track their products and the shipping too. The E-shop owners can get this feature included by availing E-shops design Cyprus services.

To sum up, these are a few E-shop design trends that will dominate in 2020. If you are new to the online business, then you can avail of E-shops design Cyprus service from Marketing Works at affordable rates. We can bring your store online. Call our experts to know how we can help you.

How Can You Get A Permanent Residency In Cyprus By Working From The Internet?

Cyprus has become a hot spot now in the Mediterranean coast, drawing investors and tourists from around the world. At prime locations in Cyprus like Nicosia or Limassol, there is a recent surge in the number of buyers of the property. Yes, with the government’s approval for the foreign nationals to buy the property and settle down, the numbers have risen. However, there are quite a few prerequisites to follow before you get your permanent resident permit. You may have seen countries giving such grants to full-time working people or students. But if you are working from home as a freelancer, what is your chance? Let us check on how to get Permanent Residency in Cyprus, working from home.

  • Profession: You must have a job in a foreign company and not any company in Cyprus. You can even be working full-time or freelance from home as long as you do it legally. You will definitely need to show your annual income and savings to ensure you can afford to settle down in Cyprus if you go for a permanent residence here. In case you are found to be indulging in any profession in Cyprus, you will face legal problems.


  • Minimum Annual Income: If you are from a non-EU country and willing to buy a property in Cyprus, you need to have an annual income of €30,000. This could legitimately be your salary from abroad.


  • Extra Income Support For Every Dependent: If you have any dependents, you need to add €5000 to your annual income.


  • Have Sufficient Savings in a Cypriot Bank: You need to show the papers and documents proving your savings in a Cypriot bank to provide for your family.


  • Your Regular Visit to Cyprus: The clause also requires you to have visited Cyprus at least once in two years.


  • Language of Documents: All your legal documents should be in English or Greek. An official translator should do the translation for you before you purchase the property.

The permanent residence permit issue will be for the long-term of five years. You may go for an extension of validity after its expiry and then after it automatically gets renewed. In short, even if you are working from home, you can get your PR to help you settle down in Cyprus.


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Permanent residency Cyprus
Permanent residency Cyprus
How To Sell On Amazon FBA With A Company In Cyprus?


For those business minds that do not leave out on any single opportunity to make a considerable profit, selling on Amazon is easy money while working at the comfort of home. Amazon is one of the greatest retail e-commerce platforms on the whole Earth that not only has a large consumer base, but the seller count too is enormous. Utilizing the opportunity to sell to a large group of audience is vital owing to the tax benefits that you get as a resident of the recovering economy of Cyprus. Utilizing both the opportunities to the fullest offers very high ROI than any other business model with a lesser effort from your side.

How Amazon FBA Works?

Amazon doing business in about a dozen countries is open for sellers and buyers from the rest of the world too. For those wondering if Cyprus is one among the list, it is among the 102 countries that Amazon accepts for selling. Added with the free trade policy of Cyprus, you literally can make a lot of money with zero or very less tax to be paid back. Amazon has its doors open for sellers and offers many methods to engage them for a smooth trade. One of which being not required to have citizenship or a company in the market you want to sell. For instance, you can sell in the US market through Amazon.com by just owning a Cyprus company and a Cyprus citizenship.

Amazon Fba Cyprus


How to Sell Goods to the US Audience from Cyprus?

Topping all, the Amazon FBA Cyprus mode of business is what makes a whole lot of difference than selling in any other e-commerce platforms. You have to choose between individual management, which is a hassle for out-of-country sellers, and the Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA). To the question of how to operate Amazon FBA in Cyprus, there is nothing more to do than shipping the products in bulk to the nearest Amazon warehouse, and you can wait for the money to flow in. Just the marketing is left to be done from the seller’s end. Every other thing from packing, dispatching, and listing the product is taken care of by the people at Amazon. The payment of sold goods is credited through the bank account submitted in prior. Speaking of bank accounts, the registration process for becoming an Amazon seller is easy taking less than an hour if you have the tax number and other documents ready with you.


Learn More from the Offical Amazon FBA website