With the online business industry dramatically growing, more people are in need of building new websites.

The process of building a website and creating it in ways attractive to the eye, functional, and optimized both for desktop and mobile view, can be daunting.

That’s why we have created may be the coolest and most easy-to-use website builder in cyprus.

We present:


What is Webssly?

Webssly, as described above is a free website builder that allows you to create a professional-looking website. It requires no coding knowledge whatsoever.

Our main priority at Online Solutions is to add value to you. And our goal with Webssly is to do exactly that.

We understand that trusting a website builder without knowing how it works can through people out. Therefore, we give you the opportunity to use our website builder for free at first. You don’t need to add your credit card, you don’t need to commit. Nothing.

All we ask for is your name, your email address, and picking out your password for your Webssly account.

Once you go through this 2-minute process, you gain access to all our templates.

We create templates for Websites, Online stores, Landing Pages, and Funnels.


For websites, we have templates on the following topics: Art, Business, Church, Consulting, Fashion, Membership, Personal, Photography, Real Estate, Restaurant, School, and Services.

Webssly: website design topics

For online stores, we have templates on Business, Fashion, Membership, Restaurant, and Services.

Webssly: Online Store design topics

The topics available for landing pages are App, Book, Coming Soon, Launch, Opt-In, Product, Services, Video, and Webinar.

Webssly: landing pages design topics

Lastly, our funnel topics include Sales/Product, Lead generation, Webinar, Lead Magnet, Opt-In, Appointments, Home, Course/Academy, and Coupon.

Webssly: funnels design topics


What makes Webssly so cool?

Maybe the number one perk of Wessbly is it’s easy and straightforward use.

Drag and Drop Builder:

Our easy to use drag and drop builder makes it ideal and time effective to build a website, and modify for any device.

Given that by the end of 2020, more than half of the global website traffic was generated by mobile phones, you probably need a responsive design that will look great not only on desktops but on mobiles as well!

For people familiar with Divi theme builder, Wessbly will be even easier to work with.

Global Changes:

While you build your website, you can make changes globally. Making changes ‘globally’ basically means that the column or block you have edited as global will exist in that way on every page of your website. For example, you probably want your footer and header, and email Opt-In to look the same on every page, and I bet you don’t wanna waste your time editing every page individually for these elements. Therefore, making global changes, in this case, is a real life-saver.

Webssly allows for A/B testing, conversion tracking and checkouts, for funnels. This means you can plan your way to success, and our builder has all the infrastructure to support your goals and strategies.

This is how some of our first customers utilized Webssly to make profits for their business:

Webssly: success stories


Given that we know the importance of email lists in success, we have made sure that email service providers can be found and are functional through our website.

We have created this website builder in such a way that it integrates with some of the most trusted and widely used apps (i.e. Mailchimp, Moosend, Active Campaign, etc.) And with variable payment processors such as Stripe, PayU, PayPal, and many more.

Since we own our own server, we have the ability to offer free of charge, dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting, means a lot of perks regarding SEO (faster loading speed, flexibility to changes, and no negative effects by other website’s traffic – the server is not shared).

So when it comes to what you get with Webssly – you get a web host, a website builder, and the ability to connect your domain all in one place.

Free trial: Let’s look at the process!

First, you scan around for the design that will better fit your vision for your website, or landing page, etc.

You then hover over the design you like and press on the view button.

Webssly: view button hover over theme

And you can check out all of the pages on the theme – if it has elements you want your website to have, etc.

Webssly: Yoga website theme

When you decide on the theme, you can go ahead and click on ‘start with this theme’ and you’ll be presented with a small window asking for your website title.

Webssly: get started - website title

After filling that in, you have the option to choose the ‘primary colour’ of your website, and your brand logo. The primary colour will basically appear on your website as the default colour, which will save you time changing and editing the original colour codes. Once you are ready, press ‘go to my site’ and now you have your theme ready for any edits.

Webssly: customize site colour and brand logo

We provide a video that helps guide you through the editing and designing process.

The pages in our themes are made up of blocks. For those not familiar, think of blocks as spaces on a page reserved for columns, made up by elements – which provide specific functionalities (i.e. images, texts, call to action, buttons, and many more).


Our prices

We thought you should choose if you wanted to pay month by month or commit for a year with us and pay everything at once.

This is why we give you the option to do that!

Cost per month for yearly commitment: 


Webssly: prices per month, if paid annually.

Cost per month for monthly commitment:

Webssly: prices per month, if paid monthly.

E-commerce with Webssly:

With Webssly E-commerce you can sell products, services, memberships, or virtual products.

Webssly allows you to customize your checkout process, or add bump offers to increase sales.

In addition, we offer some great features which we have seen to be very important in E-commerce.

We allow you to add product variations. So that you sell variable sizes for clothing, or different colored products, etc.

You have the opportunity to accept recurring payments from your clients, as well as use discount codes to help promote your products and drive sales. Discount codes are very important in business and marketing. They can be used by influencers, to promote your products or services to their audience, you can also get people interested by giving away products for free with the purchase of other products, etc.

Is Webssly for you?

The vision behind Webssly is to target people ready to start off an online business, or a website, and provide a service of great value at a low price.

With Webssly you have our unlimited support online for any questions or difficulties!

We would be delighted to speak to you and answer any questions you have!

Online Solutions is committed to you – for your needs and goals!

If you are here, we bet you care about building a website or starting your online business.

We got you!

Have a look at our web hosting services.

Or maybe if you are interested in website development, our skilled group of professionals is excited and willing to help you out!

And of course, our new project, Webssly!

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